Steps to Shift your Career Successfully

When you are just starting off, you stumble upon any career that comes your way. There is no wisdom or liberty to find the right career path at that time. By the time you become wise enough, it becomes hard to get out and shift careers…

One thing I realized early on in my Career was that I was not GREAT at any job. I would do my job, the job would pay well, but still leave me dissatisfied. I had no clue WHY?

I just kept searching for something by trying different jobs not knowing what I was looking for…

Success to me is to become GREAT at something and Greatness I learned from experience and observation, happens when three things happens at once:

When you find:

  • Something you are really good at AND
  • Something you thoroughly enjoy AND
  • Something you deeply care about.

Sometimes you will stumble upon something you thoroughly enjoy, but it may not be something you are really good at.

And what becomes obvious to you as something you are good at, may not be something you enjoy!

Apart from your regular job, take it as your personal mission to keep your eyes and ears open and pay attention to the skills you are good at and use it at opportunities you really enjoy.

If you happen to be one of those lucky ones who managed to tackle this duo, that is find something you are really good at and thoroughly enjoy; for this job to become also something you deeply care about is a rare possibility and very hard to come by..

To fit in this last piece of the puzzle, go back to your first principles.

Reflect on what is Important in your life, Values that you can’t live without, Principles that influence your decision making.

When you are shifting your career, Seek a Career that leverages what you are good at, and emulates the personal values you deeply care about. (at least the non-negotiable ones if not all). Making this Career enjoyable is all about perspective and finding ways on how to go about it..

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